How to Make a Photo Look Vintage

Vintage photos have always been a favorite style of pictures for many people. They simply remind us about life in the past. You can get the classic vintage look to your photos by utilizing certain (EXECUTIVE) techniques. Keep reading to discover what they are.

Cameras for Taking Vintage Photos

The key to taking a vintage photo begins with your camera. Some cameras are designed for taking vintage photos. Cameras during the 20th century defined the vintage era. Many of the old photos that we see today were made from these devices. If you can locate a camera from the 1940s up until the1980s; you will definitely have a photography unit that will give you amazing vintage pics. Don’t forget about the instant cameras. They too produced vintage looking photos. They too helped defined this classic look.


You can find these cameras at yard or antique sales, pawn shops or from a dealer who specializes in early to mid 20th century photography equipment. By the way, some modern cameras have been purposely designed for taking vintage photos. They typically do not need special lenses, features or software to create classic photos. Vintage cameras normally have all those attributes built-in.

Special Lenses for Vintage Photos

You can also get vintage photography tips by using thsi method. Vintage lenses are useful for photography because they can provide the grainy and slightly out of focus look that defined old pics from the past. Vintage pics can create the “bokeh” (slightly blurred) effect for pics. Lenses are also available for creating different shades of black and white photos and for widening the frame.

Each of these effects can be formed by using lenses which have been created for this purpose. There are many lenses that you can purchase for this purpose.

Software for Creating Vintage Looks

Most people today use software for creating vintage photos. This method seems to be the least expensive and most common way that a photographer can create the vintage look. Various programs have filters, features and plug-ins that will allow users to create digital pics. Users can utilize features such as enhance to add illumination, lighting to manipulate the light shade of a photo and the hue to alternate the colors on the photo. There are also effect features which will allow you to alter sharpness and focus.



A vignette features is also included on many photo editors. They will provide you with blurred look for your pics. Editor programs typically have blur and blemish features as well. Splash features will alter the color and help to create the vintage look you need as well. Some photo editors have been uniquely created for the purpose of producing vintage photos.

Changing your Environment

You can also get the vintage look by manipulating your environment. The way to do this is by altering the lighting. Many vintage photos have a unique lighting look that can be imitated by photographers once they know how its done. You should also manipulate the scene by giving it a dated look.

You can also use modern items within the environment of your pics. However, you will have to figure out how to manipulate these items with your photo editor to fully integrate them into the photo. These are just some of the many different ways that you can make vintage photos for people to enjoy.