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We are a technology driven company that ensures some of the brightest brains in the technology world gets to know what is happening outside there. our technology company has all the know-how and expertise to be able to handle any kind of new innovation that has hit the market and guide the user on how best it is suited for them not forgetting how to handle them.

Our Tech Guys

Truth be told keeping up with the latest and trending technology is the market Is not a child play and that is why we have made it our mission to get the best hand possible to manage this. As earlier mentioned our technology team is composed of not only some of the bright brains outside there when it comes to technology but also some of the world best tech gurus. The tech guys ensure that what you get as the end product from our end is one of the top product in the market and at the same time they are there to assist in case of any difficulties. The team of experts at our disposal varies in different specialty this is to make sure that whatever the user gets is not only the latest and trending technology but also one of the best in the market.

5 Top Tech Company of 2018

It is nearly impossible to come up with a list of the 5top tech companies in 2018 this is because they vary in so many ways as some like Google and Facebook pay hefty salaries and at the same time fun offices which makes huge difference in the way the employees perform for the company, having said that the top 5 tech companies should be

  • Salesforce – San Francisco CA
  • Adobe – San Jose CA
  • Facebook – Menlo Park, CA
  • Google – Mountain View CA
  • SAP – Walldorf, Germany

AMD vs Intel

Pc user all over the world have had this argument for some time now in regarding to which is the best chip to use. That is why is nearly impossible to differentiate the two from one another because their functionality will totally depend with what your preference is.

The truth being that one of these two chip will without any doubt be the brain of your machine and AMD and Intel are as different from each other as the they product they produce.

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What Is The Next Best Lens For Mobile Camera?

Nearly everyone has a smartphone with a lens camera, the big question is it the best in the market? there is so many smartphones in the market to fay that have various types of lenses and the most common one is the fisheye lenses that has the ability to captures 180-degree field view and a very wide landscape. In order to get the best lenses in the market, it should also include the macro lenses with telephoto and CPL to make the lens stand out. That is why it is very important to upgrade your phone by buying the lenses that have some of the aforementioned capabilities.